Cooking tips


Cooking tips-1

Soak mussels or clams in water with a few tablespoons of flour for half an hour. This makes them throw out sand and dirt contained.
Store ginger in the freezer, grate as you needed, it can last for months.
To avoid small pieces of shell shards mix in eggs, crack eggs on a flat surface rather than the edge of a bowl.
Mash the garlic clove with the flat side of knife for easier peeling and mincing.
To prolong deep fried pieces crispiness, keep cooked pieces on a cooling rack, but not directly on a plate.
To thaw frozen shrimps or fishes, running them under cold water for a few minutes.
When deep frying, do not let the oil temperature drop too much. If you add too much food in a small amount of oil at once, you will end up with greasy and soggy food.
If possible, cook a whole chicken or fish, this preserve more juices and flavor of the meat.
Roll lemon on a countertop with a bit pressure using hand, this make it easier to juice.
Remove the seeds of chillies to reduce the heat.